“Politicians work for YOU! As your state representative, I pledge always to put YOU first.”

Safety Denise Garner
first responder Denise Garner


The voters of District 84 sent me to Little Rock to be a voice for moderation when it comes to gun safety policy in Arkansas. That’s why I filed three pieces of legislation during my time in the 92nd General Assembly intended to help make Arkansas safer.”

As a gun owner, like so many Arkansans, we want public safety policies that avoid partisan extremism but do not violate anybody’s 2nd Amendment rights.

My proposed legislation addressed the need for restoring local control to public universities, in consultation with law enforcement professionals and public safety experts, to prohibit firearms on public campuses, in classrooms, and in dorm rooms. They are solutions aimed at the very real public safety concerns presented by recent Arkansas gun laws and enjoy broad, bipartisan support.

HB 1938 sought to reinstitute local control. Before local control was revoked, All Arkansas public universities opted-out of campus carry. College administrators and law enforcement experts know their public safety needs best. If campus PD, parents, alumni, and administrators don’t think guns should be in classrooms and dorms, then the state legislature should listen to local concerns.

HB 1939 mandates universal background checks and closed currently existing loopholes. Arkansas gun owners are responsible and mature — this background check proposal would simply ensure that violent criminals do not have access to firearms.

HB 1940 would mandate holstering of guns. If someone is concealed carrying right now, they do not have to holster their firearm properly. This leads to dangerous accidental discharges, unsecured guns falling out of backpacks and purses, loose guns sliding around in cars. etc. Mandatory holstering makes carrying firearms safer, and neighboring states like Texas have laws requiring it.

These bills are common-sense solutions that enjoy broad, bipartisan support in the public. I spent my time as your state representative working across the aisle with Republicans and Democrats alike to keep Arkansans safe.


“I was proud to stand alongside my House and Senate colleagues as we proposed legislation to require Arkansas to re-insure the over 18,000 Arkansans who were removed from the state Medicaid rolls by the Arkansas Works work reporting requirement.”

Thankfully, a federal judge put an end to the requirement in March 2019, but not until over 18,000 of our friends, family, and neighbors were kicked off of their rightful benefits.

Arkansans deserve their healthcare! IT is a moral issue, and we cannot afford to fail Arkansans on this issue, especially when they need it most.”


As a member of the House Education Committee, I spent most of my time working closely with teachers, parents, and administrators on key legislation affecting children and schools in Arkansas. I fought and won against cutting teacher planning time (HB 1807) and co-sponsored legislation for greater teacher pay, raising minimum teacher salaries to $36,000 statewide (HB 1145).